The WowPot online slot machines have become popular casino games among jackpot hunters. The first slot of the series, Wheel of Wishes, came out in February 2020. Now, there are 8 WowPot slot games. Created by Microgaming, the world leader on the Internet, the slots are featured at renowned casinos.
The WowPot Slot Series by Microgaming
With 4 jackpots up for grabs on bonus wheels, WowPot games all have one thing in common: the WowPot of over 2 million. These games work just like the Mega Moolah, the world’s most famous progressive slot. The main difference between the Mega Moolah and WowPot is the seed value of the big jackpot. The Mega Moolah’s first prize has a 1 million seed that grows with each bet. However, WowPot’s first prize starts at 2 million.

The WowPot Slot Series by Microgaming

The WowPot slot machines come from the same creator as the Mega Moolah, Microgaming. With WowPot, Microgaming has become the provider of the most amazing games on the Internet. In all, you can win millions at any time with Microgaming’s games. Moreover, WowPot slots will soon outnumber the audience of the Mega Moolah slots! In short, Microgaming has become the worldwide reference for online slot games with the biggest jackpots.

The WowPot slot machines are gaining popularity thanks to their jackpots of over two million. These huge jackpots often exceed three million thanks to the bets made. The more people bet, the bigger the jackpots become.
The games’ appeal comes from the four progressive pots! Of course, every time a player wins one of the jackpots, it restarts at its original seed value. The two biggest jackpots are the WowPot and the Major. The WowPot is really impressive! However, the Major pays large sums that often exceed 100,000 dollars. On the other hand, the game’s two smallest pots, the Mini and the Minor, are not very worthwhile.

Winners and jackpots won

You can play the WowPot slot machines with different themes. Every game comes with a WowPot bonus wheel. No matter which version you play, the odds of winning the 2 million-plus jackpot are the same. When the bonus wheel activates during the game, you win one of the four jackpots. The wheel has 20 segments, and only one wins the WowPot. The other prizes on the wheel are smaller, but you can still win good money.

Where can you play on a WowPot slot?

Not all online casinos affiliated with Microgaming feature the slots of the WowPot series. Only a few high-volume casino sites offer these slot machines. Among these casinos, there is one that stands out from the others. That site is Jackpot City, a leader in its field. It features all the games by Microgaming.

Tips to boost your odds of winning

Slot machines are games of chance, but there is one trick to increase your odds of winning the jackpot. It involves max betting in every round. Indeed, the random number generator favors max bets. In progressive slots it is the most effective technique to win the jackpot.

WowPot casino welcome bonus

Whenever you sign up at a casino site that features a WowPot slot, you can usually use the bonuses offered there. However, this is not always so! Some casino sites may have spin offers on different slots, or bonuses that are only good on non-progressive games. Among all the virtual casinos that have WowPot games, there is one that deserves to be highlighted. That site is Jackpot City Casino ! With a free $1600 welcome package, it’s the most generous slot room in the industry for WowPot players. No other site with big welcome bonuses can beat that!

Record WowPot jackpots won

The first WowPot slot to come out in February 2020 was the Wheel of Wishes. The other versions of the game are almost all from 2021. Players have won massive jackpots on the different versions of the game. To date, three players have won the top prize, while others have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Major wheel segments.
The table below shows the three largest wins on the WowPot slots.

Date Jackpot WowPot Version
13/04/2021 €17,529,047 (CA$25.65 M.) Book of Atem
19/04/2021 €2,025,388 (CA$2.96 M.) Sherlock and Moriarty
23/8/2021 €3,898,637 (CA$5.71 M.) Ancient Fortunes Poseidon

The April 13 winner is the second biggest winner of all time at an online casino. He came very close to taking first place! Indeed, the world record of the biggest jackpot won on a casino site is €19,430,723 (CA$28.44 M.).

WowPot game series

Here are the titles of the 8 WowPot slots:

  • Wheel of Wishes,
  • Book of Atem,
  • Sisters of Oz,
  • African Legends,
  • Queen of Alexandria,
  • Sherlock and Moriarty,
  • 9 Blazing Diamonds,
  • Ancient Fortunes Poseidon.
Other versions will surely be released in the years to come. Since the launch of the first slot, seven other slots have been added to the WowPot line-up. In just two years, these new progressive slots have become among the most played on the Internet.
The Mega Moolah slots remain popular. However, given the success of the WowPot slots, they will probably surpass the Mega Moolah in the near future.

Figures and currencies used

The jackpot amounts listed in our article are those published on the official Microgaming website. The euro is used by default. For the sake of clarity, we noted the jackpot amounts in Canadian dollars in parenthesis, according to the current exchange rate. As a player from Canada, you can play directly in Canadian dollars, depending on your casino site. If your online casino does not use Canadian dollars, you can play in US dollars or euros.