On April 27, 2021 someone broke the Mega Moolah world record.

A player from Belgium won a €19,430,723.60 jackpot on the Absolootly Mad slot machine.

This exceptional win now stands as the greatest record on the Internet.

The former world record (€18,915,872.81) which took place on Grand Mondial is now the second largest jackpot won at an online casino.

Absolootly Mad is a new version of the Mega Moolah slot machine. The Microgaming group launched this new slot in May 2020. You can play it on their affiliated casino sites.

Winner of the century

The big winner of the century is a member of Napoleon Games, an online casino for Belgian players only. It’s unbelievable but true! This small Belgian site is where one player became the world’s biggest winner. Their loyal customer got lucky on the game Absolootly Mad.
Jackpot world record Mega Moolah won in 2021

Absolootly Mad by Mega Moolah

The Absolootly Mad slot is powered by the Mega Moolah jackpot network. It will surely become the world’s most played online casino game. The fact that the game allowed one player to win an amazing jackpot will attract the curiosity of millions of players across the globe. That’s no overstatement! As proof, at the time this article was published, our team found that countless newspapers had already reported on the epic win on April 27, 2021. Long before this crazy jackpot, Jackpot City casino had offered a preview of Absolootly Mad.

Absolootly Mad record made official

You can find the official announcement of the win on Microgaming. This kind of Buzz always helps to spread the word. As a result, Absolootly Mad is sure to become a star game in the coming months, and even more so if no one breaks this incredible record in the coming years.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Network

The Mega Moolah slots are all linked together. Through hundreds of online casinos, and several slot titles, Mega Moolah jackpots are constantly increasing. The game’s Mega Jackpot starts at 1 million. Every time a player bets on one of the Mega Moolah versions, the giant jackpot increases. In recent weeks, no one had won the game’s super prize, thus inflating the Mega Jackpot. On April 26, the world’s luckiest player managed to win the super jackpot on the game Absolootly Mad.

Absolootly Mad is a new game

The progressive slot Absolootly Mad by Mega Moolah is a new attraction at online casinos. Previewed in early 2020 on Jackpot City bonus, a popular online casino from Canada, the game was an immediate success. Surprising as it may seem, Jackpot City isn’t the place where a casino member managed to win the jackpot on Absolootly Mad.

The 2021 Absolootly Mad Winner

The winner and record holder of the largest casino jackpot did not want to reveal his identity. He preferred to remain anonymous to preserve his privacy.

But that’s understandable, isn’t it?

The winner did however share some details. He has accepted to publish the following.

The victory spin

A €15 bet made the Belgian player a multi-millionaire on the slot machine. When the Mega Moolah wheel of the Absolootly Mad game flashed a 19,430,723.60 euro jackpot, the player thought he was dreaming. After coming to his senses, he contacted the casino’s customer support. They immediately confirmed his massive win.

Napoleon Games

The winner decided to try his luck on April 27 because he had read in the press that there had been a $2 million jackpot win at a Belgian online casino. So, he thought that he, too, might get lucky. He then registered at the online casino Napoleon Games, where he spotted the big jackpot slots. The game Absolootly Mad aroused his curiosity… He never thought he’d hit the jackpot, let alone become the biggest winner of the century.

Absolootly Mad 2021 record on casino guides

Not all online casino guides are talking about the record win on April 27. The fact that the jackpot came from a small online casino did not sit well with some moderators. Also, the fact that Napoleon Games Casino does not accept players outside of Belgium has had a backlash from the blogging community. Most casino bloggers like to talk about online slots records, but only those from prestigious casinos.
Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah

World record jackpot

It will be hard to beat the world record jackpot win of €19,430,723.60 from an online slot machine. It is likely that it will take years before someone breaks the Belgian record.

Great record jackpots

The three biggest online slot jackpots have all been won on Mega Moolah games. You must admit that the Mega Moolah machines are a big hit at online casinos. The fact that some casino sites offer free spins and bonuses to try your luck adds to the game’s popularity.

History of the three largest Mega Moolah jackpots:

1. [ €19,430,723 ] In April 2021
2. [ €18,915,872 ] In September 2018
3. [ €17,879,645 ] In October 2015