On September 5, 2019, a Canadian won millions on the Mega Moolah. In fact, he did it at the Yukon Gold casino. The lucky player hit a C$4,746,748 jackpot. It just goes to show that you can win very big even on an online casino! This popular game is the most lucrative progressive slot available in Canada.
A Canadian set a record on the Mega Moolah and wins over 4 million
Even though this isn’t one of the biggest jackpots ever won online, it’s still big news. Since the progressive Mega jackpot starts at 1 million, winnings rarely exceed four million. To build up, the Mega jackpot must remain untouched for several weeks in a row. That’s when the Mega jackpot can reach its peak.

Canadians are among the biggest winners

The most amazing thing about the Mega Moolah is that… most of the big winners are from Canada. Although there are several winners in Europe and England, Canadians dominate the top of the list. This year alone, many Canadian players won the Mega Moolah Super Prize. The official results since January 1, 2019 speak for themselves. Out of this year’s top ten Mega Moolah wins, five of the winners are Canadian.

The Mega Moolah winner on September 5, 2019

The only three facts that we were able to get are the following: first, the player lives in Canada. Secondly, he played from a mobile phone. And thirdly, it all happened on the Yukon Gold Casino.

The Yukon Gold website is one of the most popular among slot fans. In addition, all the games are secure and compatible on mobile devices and PCs. Good news for new casino customers – you can get 125 x 25-cent spins on the Mega Moolah for only a C$10 deposit.

The winner’s testimony

The Wheel of Fortune on the Mega Moolah
It goes without saying that if any more news gets out on this subject, you’ll be the first to know on this page. It’s pretty rare to get accurate data on large casino winnings. Naturally, hitting a big jackpot is not something a player wants to share with everyone.

Try your luck on the Mega Moolah

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A C$1 offer to try to hit the Mega jackpot

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