The use of mobile devices and computers to entertain at online gambling has taken over the so-called traditional or terrestrial gambling houses.
A situation which would have been unthinkable just ten years ago. On an international level, more than 30 countries, via recognized control authorities and online gaming commissions, have legalized and regularized gambling activities, including the U.K, which manages with all activities related to real money with an iron fist.

The mobile everything has also brought about a true transformation for the entire casino industry, in all fields (slot machines, roulette, blackjack, sports betting and poker). Today, a casino can be easily accessed through a smartphone!

Who owns these virtual casinos?

In England and Europe, if land-based casinos are omnipresent and administered by a handful of shareholders, the situation on the Internet is diametrically different.
Today there are more than 3,000 online casinos, half of them in Europe and half in North America or in tax havens. Casino operators, game creators and gaming engineers come from three main departments, companies that showcase their activities without complex as would do large international companies that generate ten-digit figures. These companies, “Playtech”, “Microgaming” and “NetEnt”, provide their customers and partners with unparalleled expertise that enables them to provide complete game platforms tailored to their specific needs.

In Europe, as in England, the company Microgaming is most representative, each virtual casino affiliated to this company offers its users a wide range of games, from progressive jackpot games to live games with real dealers.

Virtual casinos are more important than land-based ones!

England, gambling houses moving towards the web

In England, which is known to be a laboratory of casino game designers, the best online casinos are more successful than gambling houses. The owners of land-based casinos have not remained impassive to this new situation, and to remain competitive and perpetuate their activities, they have simply made online gaming platforms which reflect the image of their brands available to their customers.
The Hippodrome Casino – A Land based and Online Casino
“The most significant example is the Hippodrome Casino, located in Leicester Square, in the heart of London, known for the quality of its shows and events, and also for its gaming tables and slot machines.”
As the owners of the Hippodrome have noticed a drop in the number of visitors to their game areas, an online version of their brand was developed and launched online in 2013. The results spoke for themselves and the company’s volume in business increased from one day to the next thanks to the players enthusiasm who evidently prefer online games.
The Hippodrome Casino - London

The English model used by other countries

The landscape of virtual casinos in England has been used by other countries, seeing the English model as a reference to follow. Today, several European countries have followed suit, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Denmark. The future of the classic gaming houses is in jeopardy by these casino websites on an unprecedented scale, and to face it, they have no other choice than to get up to date by calling upon companies who have the skills and knowledge necessary to create virtual versions of their brands online.
The future of English casinos is impacted by the Internet. The number of online gamblers continues to grow each year to the point that the business volumes made through online gambling has surpassed that of so-called land-based gaming rooms. It goes without saying that nationally renowned casinos such as Grosvenor and Genting will continue to exist, as they are enjoyed by players who also enjoy playing in real gaming rooms. It is also an opportunity to go out with friends and meet people, or simply a pretext to have fun while meeting in a privileged location.