Zodiac Casino, a flagship website that always attracts slot machine enthusiasts looking to win jackpots worthy of the biggest gaming establishments, continues to have success with experienced players and web users in search of a trusted online casinos.
Zodiac Casino has been available online for nearly 20 years and has been managed by the Casino Rewards group, owner of the largest network of casino websites (20 active virtual casinos to date). Over time Zodiac Casino has won over its clients. The criteria most appreciated by clients are customer support, the high-end games, the platform’s reliability and of course the bonus program, free spins, the potential winnings and overall fairness.
More than 10 million users have already registered with Zodiac Casino and the Casino Rewards network, which represents about 500,000 new players per year. Much more than large European casinos, similar to the bigger casinos in Las Vegas!
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Zodiac Casino ranked at the TOP
Although Zodiac Casino knows a large number of loyal players in Europe, it is nothing compared to England. English players and gamblers are known for their pronounced taste for gambling and their tendency to bet on anything and everything (during the referendum on Brexit, a record participation rate was noted on online betting sites).
In terms of slot machines, Zodiac Casino is constantly experiencing high participation rates from English players (and especially from Scotland…). The star and most requested games are with no surprise the Progressive Jackpot.
Zodiac Casino
To better understand, you just have to look at local English press (online or on paper), as well as the UK guides and directories dedicated to players and bettors, and the very prestigious guide Best Online Casinos in UK (ranking for online casinos and players’ opinions and comments).
Although it may seem surprising that online casinos are as successful as traditional gambling rooms and casinos, in this day and age this new trend really shouldn’t surprise us. Consumers, clients and people looking for online services, consumer goods or entertainment no longer hesitate to turn to the Web to find what they want (buy a plane ticket, order a best-selling novel, look for a house to rent or sell, or play online).