This is far from the time when players used cheques to play online gambling… the first online casinos in history, dating from the 2000s, only offered this method at that time!
When players received winnings and cash-out requests, they were sent a cheque by post, which they then had to hand over to their banks to finally see the color of the long-awaited money…
With the increasing use of casino websites for online entertainment, and the regulation for this fruitful sector representing billions of dollars in business volumes each year, banking organizations did not wait long before offering their services, including credit cards and alternative methods (electronic wallets, prepaid cards, etc.). This opened market has allowed to accelerate the processes and delays of deposit and collection, thus benefiting online casinos and their users.
Credit cards remain the preferred method of deposit and cash out for online players, and VISA and MASTERCARD cards are the most widely used, although other alternatives are becoming increasingly popular, such as direct debit cards.
The Most Used Method to play on Online Casinos
The payment methods most used by online casino customers are VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards, followed by direct debit cards and electronic purses. Checks are no longer accepted by casino sites, with the exception of cash-out requests on large amounts (usually players who win huge jackpots ask to receive a check, although bank transfer is advised for larger amounts of money).
The credit card is the first reflex for users who deposit money on online casinos, which in practice is the most convenient and quick way to get direct access to welcome offers and promotions.
The most reliable and popular online casinos accept all VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards, and some, depending on which country you are playing from, accept other methods, such as PayPal and Bitcoins. The expert opinion from this guide is that online casinos accepting Bitcoins should be avoided, as this means of payment does not benefit from serious guarantees regarding the payment of winnings in the event victory on slot machines (and Bitcoin is not convertible into real money, which does not represent real interest in the field of gambling).
VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards