Is Gambling Online Better than Gambling in a Real Casino?

It’s a question that’s probably been asked over and over again: is it better to gamble online or go to a casino? There are advantages and disadvantages to both and we weigh them up in this article.

Real casinos

There are more than one hundred casinos in Canada, and you have to admit that playing for real is an experience that can’t be reproduced online, unless perhaps you play on the live gaming tables at online casinos that offer this option (with real croupiers online!). The large Canadian casinos know how to attract and retain their customers; they offer drinks, as well as food (snacks and mini-sandwiches) and the staff are always welcoming and friendly. In addition, there are places where you can rest and relax. When it comes to the games on offer, slot machines are of course very popular and have jackpots as high as the most popular online casinos. The Blackjack and roulette tables can be played live with real croupiers or with electronic devices depending on your preference.
The biggest advantage of real casinos is that when you win a jackpot or you want to withdraw from the game and cash in your winnings, you just go to the cash desk to get your cash (or cheque if the amount is very high), which is not the case in an online casino where there is security procedure to follow (the delay between requesting a withdrawal and payment can vary from two to five days).
Playing in a traditional casino is also more sociable, it’s an evening out with friends or even on your own while you try your luck with a few pounds. Some people even go there to place a bet from time to time so they can enjoy the free drinks on offer in a cosy and luxurious atmosphere.

Online Casinos

Casino websites are directly accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone. There’s no need to get in the car or take a metro or taxi, and you can go there whenever you like because the online casino never closes… The games are even more varied than in a real casino, there are hundreds of slot machines (some of which have a Mega Jackpot), Blackjack tables with several variations, roulette (European and American), baccarat, craps, and much more (some online casinos also offer bingo and a wheel of fortune).

The security and reliability of online casino gambling

The good news is that the online casino sector is permanently audited and controlled by the Canadian Gambling Commission, which is a real advantage for players who can play with complete confidence that their chances of winning are genuine and there is a requirement for guaranteed payment. There is also customer support and each casino is obliged to respond to requests from players who want clarification on their gaming sessions.
In addition, if, as a gambler, you believe you have been the victim of a fraud or embezzlement, you can call on the services of eCOGRA, an independent organisation that stands up for the interests of gamblers, or file a complaint directly to the Gambling Commission, which deals with these situations very strictly. Online casinos therefore ensure that anything that takes place in their gaming spaces is in accordance with the law, to the point where it is considered that Canadian online casinos are the safest and most honest in the world and, record wins are being made each month at the most successful casino sites (Yukon Gold, Zodiac Casino and Sloty to name just three).

“To sum up, you can see that casinos are valued for their social role, while online casinos are more dedicated to gambling, and, unlike real casinos, are permanently open and you don’t have to go anywhere to get there.”