In January 2021, Ontario made headlines on the Casino Player News blog. News reports indicate that in 2022 the province will be the first in Canada to open its market to remote casinos. Unlike other provinces, local operators in Ontario will face competition. Up until now, the province did not want foreign sites within its borders.

Local games and offers from abroad

Today, Ontarians can play online on any site they want. For the moment, no restrictions are on the agenda. But that will soon change! The main reason for this policy? Generate tax revenue! Of course, officials also want to regulate an area that is out of control. To reassure the population, future online casinos will have to comply with strict rules. Casino platforms will have to set up security measures to fight gambling addiction. This is to keep players from becoming over-indebted.

Ontario Online Gambling in 2022

Remote gambling will not be the same in 2022. In practise, it will be a win-win situation according to the Ontario government. For Ontario, it will create tax revenues and jobs. And for gamblers, there will be a serious framework for all forms of gambling.

The future of virtual casinos is unfolding

There are currently no specific dates for the launch of Ontario’s online casinos. According to the news on blogs, it will be the end of 2022. There will be a limited number of online casinos. Only ten will be able to get a business licence. No other operator will be allowed.

What are the lucky sites?

Chances are that Ontario will choose among the top online casinos in our guide. According to our expertise, we believe that Casino Action will be one of the chosen ones. In fact, this casino site is active in countries that have legalized remote gambling.


Ontario Site Comparison

The list of official casinos in Ontario will be available soon. Once it is made public, it will be the talk of many casino guides. Of course, our guide will get you the inside scoop! Our goal will be to highlight the very best casino sites. And we’ll keep you up to date on the highest-paying slot machines. While Yukon Gold’s online slots are currently the most profitable, we’ll see what happens at the end of 2022.
We’ll also keep an eye on classic green carpet games. Roulette and blackjack are indeed popular games in Ontario. What we hope is that there will be games that are as reliable as the ones at Spin Casino. The table games there are as real as in a real casino!

Opening to competition

For now, the Ontario Lottery is the only official online gambling company in Ontario. Ontarians have access to real money betting options on the site PlayOLG. The platform’s customers have access to various games. And of course, there’s the lottery. There are also casino games and a national sports betting area.

When online gambling opens up to competition, PlayOLG will no longer hold a monopoly. The upcoming competition will rock the market! That’s certainly bad news for the Ontario lottery.

Testing of future casino sites

No matter what happens with the coming of regulated casino sites in Ontario, our guide will always keep you informed. Of course, we’ll draw up a list of the top-paying online casinos as well as a list of the best bonus offers.

Public Health and Gambling in Ontario

Could the opening of online gambling to competition lead to problems of compulsive gambling? Obviously, the answer is yes. Not surprisingly, an avalanche of advertising for casino gambling offers is flooding Ontario. Typically, private operators will advertise on TV channels, local radio stations and the press. Without doubt, most players lose at the casino! Therefore, you can expect that people in Ontario will lose money.

Drastic limits

With future online gaming supervision, it will be impossible to lose everything at a legal online casino. There will be limits on bets. Betting thousands and hundreds of dollars at Ontario online casinos will be prohibited.

Limits on Slot Machines

Although Ontario players can currently try their luck on giant jackpot slots, that will no longer be true by the end of 2022. Indeed, highly addictive games such as the Mega Moolah will not be allowed. In that regard, the Ontario authorities have followed the advice from anti-gambling institutions. There will be slots, but their jackpots will not exceed a certain amount.

Online Casino Regulation in Ontario

Current studies show that there will be ten licensed operators, and no more. These operators will have to comply with strict rules. A whole arsenal will be set up in terms of advertising, game limits, and help for the most sensitive players. According to the most knowledgeable experts, it is much easier to supervise an online casino than a land-based one. That makes sense! Indeed, casino sites will record and archive all transactions. There will be no scams or cheating. Of course, that remains theoretical. In practise, it will take staff to ensure an online casino’s utmost reliability.