When we are playing at an online casino site, obviously our intention is to make as much money as we can.

Therefore, we definitely want to choose the casino that gives us the best payouts. Different casino sites have different payouts for different kind of players. The fact is, an expert video poker player is going to find a different casino to be profitable than a roulette player will.

As you can see, there are a lot of things for us to consider before we determine which casino is the very best.
Still, there are some things to look out for in regards to the software that we will be using. Different platforms have different payouts for their games, and this is knowledge that we can use to our advantage if we’re careful. The very first thing to look at is the house odds. For a casino site to be successful over time, they need to make money… and this means that they have to keep players coming back. The only way to do this is to make sure that their clients win money once in a while… Their games need to have a chance of winning. Some games have better odds than others. If we are playing video poker at one casino site, we might be facing a 97 percent payout, meaning that the casino only keeps 3 percent of what is wagered.

The same is true with table games, such as blackjack, craps and roulette.

If you play roulette, this is very apparent. American roulette puts you at a huge disadvantage right off the bat because of the 0 and the 00, both of which are in the house’s favor. But European roulette only has 0, which significantly reduces their ability to generate profits. Instead of an 18 out of 38 chance of winning a color bet, you have an 18 out of 37.

Different casino sites will have different results when it comes to overall payouts. For example, our top 10 online casinos when it comes to payouts have an average return to their customers of around 97 %.


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