Casinos and bookmakers may be suffering a downturn on the high street but online the picture is much rosier. It turns out the majority of online gamblers are now placing bets via their mobile devices.
A poll carried out by us came up with some interesting results like the fact that three out of every five players use their smartphones to access casino games.
Gambling has become a whole different ball game since the arrival of smartphones and tablets with gamers wanting to have a flutter no longer being tied to their computers.
And, when you take into account how much technology has developed over the last decade, attracting ever increasing numbers of gamers to use apps, we predict the mobile gaming market will continue to expand in the near future.

What’s on the cards for gaming?

Our prediction is that within just a couple of years, mobile gaming will account for as much as 70% of the entire online gambling market.

And why?

Basically, mobile gambling is easy. It’s a fun pastime you can dip into whenever you have a little spare time without any great effort.
What’s more, you rarely have to pay up front with apps – a feature that draws gamers in. Once you decide you like a particular game there are usually various options to make it more interesting with real money through built-in purchases. So to sum up, gamers are finding the mobile option easy to access and use and cheap which is why they keep coming back for more.
The future for bricks and mortar casinos
As with so many other industries, the casino sector is undergoing a major change with a trend towards an increase in the number of online gaming platforms to the detriment of so-called traditional gaming rooms. When you take a closer look you soon realise no more new casinos are opening in the UK; in fact the opposite is happening with some operators even closing down establishments as their clientele turns increasingly to smartphone and PC options.
Well-known operators such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral are now choosing to concentrate future development on the Internet and are going as far as to close those physical gambling sites that are failing to turn a profit.
When you take into account the most emblematic casino in London, the Hippodrome, now has more players on its website than in its gaming rooms, you begin to understand why some groups are deciding to concentrate on specialist gambling web platforms.
Smartphone Players